Blood Quantum and Native Citizenship


The Bureau of Indian Affairs has used a "blood quantum" definition of generally, one-fourth degree of American Indian "blood" and/or tribal membership to recognize a person as an American Indian. However, each tribe has a particular set of requirements, typically including a blood quantum, for membership (enrollment) in the tribe. Requirements vary widely from tribe to tribe: a few tribes require at least a one-half Indian (or tribal) blood quantum; many others require a one-fourth blood quantum; still others, generally in California and Oklahoma, require a one-eighth, one-sixteenth, or one-thirty-second blood quantum; and some tribes have no minimum blood quantum requirement at all but require an explicitly documented tribal lineage.



To learn about Tribal Nation Citzenship and Blood Quantum requirements see the following website:



Western Region:


Chickasaw Nation Citizenship 


Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship                              

Choctaw Nation Citizenship      


Cherokee Nation Citizenship

Seminole Nation Citizenship                          




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