The “Crow” Native Americans


Crow (people), Native American tribe of the Siouan language family. They originally lived in permanent agricultural villages along the upper Missouri River together with the Hidatsa. In the 18th century the Crow moved westward to the Yellowstone River area of the Rockies. There they adopted the buffalo-dependent Great Plains culture, becoming mounted hunters. The Crow, call themselves Absoraka ("bird people"). They became famous as warriors and also as scouts for the U.S. Army against their enemies. In 1868 the Crow moved to a reservation in Montana comprising a portion of their former territory; many still live there today. In 1990, 8,588 people in the United States claimed Crow ancestry.

The present-day Crow Indian Reservation stretches about 70 miles east to west and about 50 miles north to south, its southern extremity along the Montana-Wyoming border. The smaller Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation sits to the east and abuts the Crow lands.

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