Fruit Salad


Grandmal Talkington Fruit Dish

 Tribal Affiliation : Cherokee …. West Virginia back woods …  


·          12 paw paws West Virginia banana's peeled and sliced

·          Some powdered sugar about a cup and a half

·          Coffee can full elder berries

·          1 cup black berries

·          7 big strawberries sliced

·          2 cups sliced green apples (young)

·          Hand full pitted cherries

·          12 small fried bread cut in half

·          2 hand fulls ice  

Directions If you can get paw paws get about

12 big ones peel and slice long ways. If not use 6 bananas

with turning spotted not real fresh its better.

Slice in half then long ways.


Clean and washed elder berries.

Clean and wash black berries.

We use to have garden fresh strawberries the really big ones she only used about seven or so. Slice thick

2 medium size green apples young ones are really tart sliced.(remember) to many will hurt your belly. Fresh cherries washed

Pitted… Roll all the fruit in ice till ice is melted. Then drain and roll in powdered sugar till all coated. Let dry on a cookie sheet till the fried bread is done and cool.

Put a small slit in the fried bread and scoop up some fruit sweet and cool treat for the kids grandmal made it all summer …

Note: you can keep the fruit in fridg for night snack too….



Orgin of Recipe : Offered by John Leasure … who's Grandmal made this in the summer for us kids.


Type of Dish : Contemporary & Tradional

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