Fried Corn


Fried CornComanche


  • 1 large onion(white or yellow)
  • Bacon,(half a pound)
  • Corn(about 8 ears)
  • Salt and black pepper to taste



First you shuck the corn and wash, then cut it with a real sharp knife, you want to skim the top of the kernels off.

Then scrape the cob to get all the juice out of it.

Then you fry the bacon real good, leave the grease in the pot (black pot works best).

Cut and sauté the onion in the grease till it is clear.

Add the corn and the salt and pepper.

Simmer over a low heat and stir often so it doesn't stick.

Note: You can leave some of the bacon in, but we always use it to make a sandwich with while we cook the corn.


Tribal Affiliation : Comanche Nation


Origin of Recipe: Offered by Linda Ransome

            (who learned this from her great grandmother, who was Comanche.)


 Type of Dish : Today's Native Dishes 

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