Why Black Red Roots are Important


Black people exploited for their ingenuity and productivity and Red people exploited for their ownership/inhabiting of rich fertile land nourished by a pleasant and manageable climate. These two peoples joined together by circumstance were united in marriage, living arrangements, family, friendships, and working relationships. These people of color neither refused their relationships nor took undue advantage of it, but gained strength and survival from one another. The black people and red people were mixed in their ancestries and destinies.  For this reason the elders comments about a relative being “Indian” should not be questioned but understood, investigated, evidenced, and acted upon. If you have heard the stories about Native American ancestry being a part of your African American heritage, and have a desire to learn more about the Native American branch of your family tree you can learn how to investigate this claim. This knowledge can add another vital branch to your family tree.


Let the jouney begin to find your Black Red Roots… 

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