Invisible Mathematics


 The book, “Invisible Mathematics”, examines chronological periods in history and how African Americans affected and were affected by mathematics. The African American experience from slavery through the Information Age is examined. Evidence within each period details how mathematics has profoundly affected the progress of African Americans. From their position as slaves to the representation of African Americans as 3/5th a human; to their liberation, right to read, right to vote, and right to fight in the armed services. From their migration from the south to the north, from inner city to suburbia, from blue collar labor to white collar, from business employee to business owner. This book brings into perspective the need for African Americans to embrace mathematics as never before so that academic, social, and economic gains can be maintained and advanced in America.  In each period in history, and in the present, African Americans must seek out Mathematics that is not apparent in each event, activity, situation and circumstance. Mathematics can be undetectable without a concerted effort to search it out and identify it. It is figuratively “Invisible” without an effort being made to find its presence.  The over-sight and avoidance of Mathematics denies African Americans literacy that is an entrance to a number of key components of life. These components consist of academia, economics, politics, health care and numerous other areas that are mathematics intensive. Mathematics literacy can cause a whole new world of opportunity and understanding to open up to African Americans.




  Author:  Dr. Esther M. Pearson
  Publisher: Xlibris
  ISBN: 1-4134-8218-X (Trade Paperback)
  Pages: 129
  Subject: MATHEMATICS / History

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