Federally Recognized Tribes


The recognition includes ownership of land, and eligibility to participate in federal assistance programs. It also includes the right to govern and be received in government-to-government relationships with the United States.


To obtain federal recognition a tribe must make petition to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). It can take many, many years to receive recognition some tribes have waited as many as 30 years after petition to receive recognition. The process is one that requires submission of many historical documents that provide a paper trail of the tribe’s existence, authenticity, longevity and viability over the years.


In some instances tribes determine to seek “State Recognition” rather than “Federal Recognition” of their authenticity and viability. Both of these recognitions are an acknowledgement from the United States government of a tribe’s existence in history per its people maintaining their tribal identity, culture, and community.


Posted May 14, 2007

Written by Cherokee Cloud

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