Grandma’s Hidden Memories


These memories and fears still fresh, she hid the secret that only today is revealed. This was a secret that has survived for almost two centuries by only being passed down and revealed upon the imminent death of the holder of the hidden memory. What kind of fear could hold a secret across countless generations? What atrocities were witnessed that brought shame for surviving, and hope for the resurrection of past glory.


Grandma’s fear of Indian ancestry exposure was much different than those today that claim descent from an “American Indian princess”. Many of those claiming Indian princess status are among white ethnic groups. I wonder why the claim of Indian ancestry does not bring fear to them, but rather a pride especially if the Indian ancestry is claimed along with a mixture of colonial descent. Is it the pride of a conqueror?


For African Americans with Indian ancestry you must bring Grandma’s hidden memories to light before they become deathbed confessions. Appreciate the rich legacy of two histories that demonstrate survival against all odds in yester-years and today. Express the future with promise of strength to continue to succeed against all odds.


It is your legacy and your life… don’t live it through hidden memories –make it a known reality.


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