Foods Shared in Common



Foods that are enjoyed today which are contributed to Native American origin are maize (corn), potatoes, wild rice, peppers, tomatoes, and many more. Foods that are contributed to African origin were brought with the slaves from Africa. The slave traders brought captured slaves and also foods from Africa. The foods included cassava, yams, greens, peas, beans, and cereals, watermelon, banana, plantain and many more.


For the Native American and Africans to go from an abundance of food and drink to having to make due with whatever scraps of nutrients they could find or be given by their European enslavers was quite a dramatic change. But, they still survived and shared what little they had during their enslavement with others. The food they survived on sustained life but not necessarily good health.


Today, people of color have the highest rates of many chronic diseases to include cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. That is why it is time to return to eating in what is termed “close to the soil”. In other words, begin to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and lots of water. These are the eating habits and diets of our heritage.


Article by: CherokeeCloud

 Written: August 23, 2006

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