CLAN WITH A “C” not a “K”


In the Native American culture a Clan is a division amongst a Tribe. It is a way of creating groups within a Tribe. The groups are generally related by family, kinship, or some common purpose. In many instances the Clans have animal names, color names, or names that are items in nature, or responsibilities to the Tribe members.


For example the Delaware Indians have three notable Clans. They are the Wolf Clan, Turtle Clan, and Turkey Clan. Also, the Cherokee Indians have seven Clans. They are the Wolf Clan, Blue Clan, Long Hair Clan, Bird Clan, Paint Clan, Deer Clan, and the Wild Potato Clan (also known as the Bear Clan).


The Cherokee Clan purposes are listed as follows:

Wolf Clan – protectors of the members of the Tribe

Blue Clan – caretakers of the herb gardens used for medicine

Long Hair Clan – traditional teachers and keepers of tradition

Bird Clan – messengers of the Tribe

Paint Clan – medical people or healers of the Tribe

Deer Clan – hunters for the Tribe, and they care for the animals that lived with the Tribe

Wild Potato Clan (Bear Clan) – farmers and food gathers of the Tribe



So, Native Americans can belong to a Native Nation, a Tribe, a Band, and a Clan.


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Article by: CherokeeCloud

Written: August 24, 2006

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