Native American Studies Programs


Native American Studies, as an academic discipline, examines the contemporary and ancient experiences and ways of life of the first Americans. This is done from a Native American perspective. The curriculum is designed to provide a study of American Indians from a holistic and humanistic viewpoint by focusing upon Native American cultural, historical, and contemporary life.   

The areas of concentration include studies with the granting of certificates, diplomas, and bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. Student’s learn Indian Policy and Law, American Indian Art, American Indian Religion, American Indian Literature, American Indian Education, American Indian Oral Literature, Federal Indian Law, Survey of Indian Languages, Native American Educational Issues, American Indian Women in American Society, The American Indian Political Experience, American Indian Poetry and Fiction, Indians Through Film and Television, American Indian History, Roots of Indian Tradition, Contemporary Issues, American Indian Identity, Environmental Management, and Special Study.


Participating in a Native American Studies Program is a great way to learn about your heritage and also received a formal education in an area of importance. It will help you to advocate for important Native causes.



Article by CherokeeCloud

Written September 8, 2006

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