Civil Rights Movement and the American Indian Movement


Each of these movements knew that they were necessary for the survival of a people. The great religious leader, and social activist, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stated, “how can a man ride your back unless it is bent”. Well both the CRM and the AIM had a vision to remove the heavy loads of mistreatment from the backs of African Americans and Native Americans and their generations to come.  

The history of both the CRM and AIM demonstrates their ability to repeatedly bring successful law suits against the federal government for the protection of the rights of African American and Native American peoples. These rights guaranteed for Native Americans by treaties, and rights of sovereignty. These rights for both Native Americans and African Americans as guaranteed in the United States Constitution, and laws.   

Each movement had a religious/spiritual, social, and civic force that moved them forward. Each movement is alive and well today in many forms and through the missions of many organizations. AIM states that, “the work goes on because the need goes on”. 

Article by CherokeeCloud


Written September 10, 2006

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