Be Aware…


You should ask what the craft object is and what it is used for. Also, ask what tribal affiliation made the craft and does it have symbolic representation and meanings. These questions will allow you to make an informed decision. 

In the Native American culture, as in many other cultures, some of its ancient craft objects are believed to posses powers. These craft objects are generally carved animals which were crafted as fetishes. A fetish is generally a variety of animals which are carved out of wood, bone, glass with the belief that the animal fetish will bestow an attribute to its owner. Some fetishes appear to be positive, for example, deer fetish represents gentleness, and a beaver represents a builder. On the other hand some fetishes appear to be sinister. For example, a snake can represent death, and a raccoon can represent a bandit.  

Also, a fetishes may have several potential meanings some positive and some sinister and it is the craftsman that makes the fetish with a particular intent. Thus, it’s best to ask questions and not make purchases of things your religion would not approve of or that you personally feel uncomfortable with. 

Be aware so that you won’t be sorry… 

Article by CherokeeCloud

Written September 25, 2006


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