Moving Back Home…


The name Creek is not the actual name of the Creek Indians. Their actual name is the Muskogee. They lived as a confederacy or in other words, their tribal configuration consisted of more than one Indian tribe. It is an amalgamation of several tribes.


The Creek Indians have history in the Atlanta area. A number of Creek Indian trails are said to terminate at Buckhead of the Atlanta area. Specifically, what is known as the Peachtree trail ran along the top of the Chattahoochee ridge from near Toccoa to Buckhead, where it divided into branches. One branch continued by way of what is now called the Pace's Ferry and Moore's Mill roads to Standing Peachtree. The other branch led southward from Buckhead across Peachtree Creek and joined the Sandtown trail at Five Points in what is now Atlanta.



Thus, as African Americans move to Georgia, they should reflect if they are moving back to the ancestral place of their Native American heritage.


Article by CherokeeCloud

Written September 27, 2006

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