You Decide…


It is difficult to explain to people that it is important to acknowledge your full self, even when there is no apparent benefit. No casinos to be claimed and no special allotments for diversity. When you think about in the early1800s, people of African Ancestry comprised from an estimated 20% – 33% of the United States population because it was so lucrative to own and breed slaves. Now, in the 21st century, the census of 2004 indicated the population of African Americans was 13.4%.   

Likewise, in the early 1700s and before, Native Americans comprised an estimated 90% of the United States population because Native Americans were its original people, its indigenous population. Now in the 21st century, in the 2004 census Native Americans comprised 1.5% of the United States population.   

When those statistics are reflected upon it becomes apparent why a response of “Whatever… You Decide… and Do Your Thing… Be Who You Want to Be”, is an apathy that cannot be afforded.  

Article by CherokeeCloud 

Written October 2, 2006

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