New Mexico Native Americans


When I mention characteristics I am referring to physical characteristics. The facial features of the Pueblo and Navaho reminded me of African Americans with the exception of some skin coloring differences. It was a reminder to me of the amalgamation of physical appearances that occur in every ethnicity group.  

The Pueblo and Navaho in New Mexico have had interfaces with the Spanish and thus demonstrate some of the Spanish culture to include dress, music, and artistry. The Spanish actually named the Pueblo based on what appeared to be their sedentary lifestyles and living arrangements in stone or adobe group living quarters. The Navaho were less sedentary. They comprise the largest United States Native American tribe in population and land ownership. The Navaho name means, “people with big fields”.  

Both the Pueblo and Navaho reside in New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. If opportunity presents itself visit these states. But for full immersion of the Pueblo and Navaho culture visit New Mexico. 

Article by CherokeeCloud

Written: October 23, 2006

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