Thanks without the Giving


It is always a great idea to be thankful for what God has given you and this is the true meaning of giving thanks. But, it is the giving that is at times hard to swallow. For it is the holiday of Thanksgiving that reminds Native Americans of how their hospitality and willingness to give was taken for weakness and was later met with disrespect and contempt.  

After helping the Pilgrims to literally survive by providing them with food and “know-how” to raise crops, the Indians were given in return disease and disgrace. It is odd how the oppressed become the oppressor. The oppressed Pilgrims came to the United States –New World for relief from oppression and an opportunity to prosper. It was this goal that made the oppressed Pilgrims became the oppressors of the Indians.  

So, with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday one must reflect on “Thanks” without the “Giving” or only giving thanks to God, the only one that deserves it. 

Article by Cherokee Cloud

Written for November 12, 2006

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