Without Warning





The Tsunami as felt throughout the Indian Ocean killed over 275,000 people with tens of thousands still missing. Was this enormous earthquake “without warning”?


If it was without warning how did the island indigenous peoples and animals escape injury, death, and destruction. What special human radar did they have to detect such a calamity and move to higher ground shelter?


There is a term called, “a posteriori”. This term refers to the observation of creation and its organized pattern giving witness to the existence of God. This term’s essence is then transferable to the indigenous people’s observation of creation leading to fore-knowledge of an event that is recognized as beyond human control.


It is said that Natives are closer to nature and thus notice the heartbeat of the earth, the seasons, the movement of earth’s creatures (animals, birds, fish, and insects) and gain an understanding of all life in its many forms of existence.


As the Earth groaned under the sea, the heart beat of the Earth exploding was diagnosed and the prognosis deemed fatal. Thus, the indigenous people and animals left at the appointed time escaping the disaster.


Is anything “without warning” or are we just not paying attention?


Written by CherokeeCloud

 Posted December 29, 2006

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