In the following war Uncas advanced himself as a true ally of the English, and was a great force toward the destruction of his erstwhile people. But Sassacus and some other Pequots managed to flee from the massacre. He went with his followers back to the Mahicans, with whom he hoped to hide. However, the Mahicans, in the meantime, had become subject to the Mohawks, who had conquered them. The Mohawks beheaded Sassacus and sent his head to Hartford, Connecticut as proof of their loyalty.




The Montagnais are a group of people located originally in Labrador, Canada.  They received their name from the French, meaning "mountaineers". There are many ways to spell the name of these people including Montagnar, Moatagne, Montagnie, and Montainier.     Labrador is located in the northeastern part of North America.  Most of the Montagnais groups were located along the Gulf of the St. Lawrence.  This accounts for why the French gave them the name Montagnais, due in large part to the ruggedness of the land along the St. Lawrence. The Montagnais, also called Innu, belong to the Algonquian language family. They number more than 14,700 in Quebec, of whom over 10,400 live on-reserve. It is the largest First Nation in population in Quebec. Its territory extends from the North Shore to Lac Saint-Jean. There are nine Montagnais communities in Quebec. The Montagnais traditionally led a nomadic lifestyle

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