Indian Reservations


An Indian or Native American Reservation is a land area that is under the management of a Native American tribe. It is land that through the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) was reserved for Native Americans.

The land is federal territory which means the federal government is a key arbitrator over any proposed use or disputes regarding the management of the land. The Native Americans have the ability to form governmental operations for the land and interface with the United States as one government to another government.   

Are all Native Americans expected to live on Reservations? Of course not! Native Americans live in urban, suburban, and rural cities and towns. Although life on a reservation is an opportunity to maintain cultural identity and kinship it can have positives and negatives. Some tribes develop and manage museums, casinos and other economic advantages on their reservation lands. Other tribes living on reservations live in poverty.  

Article by CherokeeCloud

Written August 31, 2006

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