Taking the Journey…


When seeking your Native roots, there is an old saying amongst the Natives. It is “Each one must take his or her own journey”. This is a very wise saying. It testifies to the fact that each person who is searching for his or her Native American roots is on a personal journey. No one can take the trip for you. They can assist you, but not take the journey for you.  

The three questions you must ask yourself are:  

  • Why am I interested in searching for my Native American roots?
  • Why am I searching NOW? What in my life has brought me to this point?
  • What do I hope to gain or loose in this search?

Many people answer the first question by responding they have heard their family tree consisted of “Indians” and they want to find out if it is true. 

Many people answer the second question by responding, ‘I just feel a calling or yearning to know the truth’ or they reply, ‘it is important to me to fill my family history gaps’. 

Many people answer the third question by responding, ‘You know Native Americans are opening up those casinos, maybe I can be a part of that’, or ‘I have nothing to gain or loose. I am just curious’. 

Well, whatever the reason, know that misguided or selfish motives will extend your personal journey to learn about your Native American roots. Selfishness will always guide you in the wrong direction.

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