The Need for Healing: Post 911


There have been many events of great tragedy in the United States history, but the 911 tragedy did not make a distinction between race, gender, ethnic group or culture. All suffered when family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances perished or were tragically affected. Thus, it is a time when healing five years later is still needed.


Statistics indicate that the number of victims from the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Pennsylvania crash site totaled 3,047. The gender of 5 victims and the race of 139 victims were unknown. Males constituted 2,303 victims (75.6 percent) and females made up the remaining 739 (24.3 percent). Of the total victims, 2,435 (79.9 percent) were white, 286 (9.4 percent) were black, and 187 (6.1 percent) were of other races.


It is believed that 3 were Native American or Alaskan Native victims and 286 were African American. But we weep and have a spirit of sorrow for all that perished.


Take an opportunity to reflect and pray for healing for yourself and others.


Article by CherokeeCloud

Written September 7, 2006

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