Let Us Dance…


The dances for Native Americans are distinguished because in many cases the cultural dances are performed as single gender individuals dancing. The men have ceremonial and traditional dances that they perform, and the women have ceremonial and traditional dances they perform. The dance steps and movements are passed down from one generation to the next. The tradition of dancing is generational and expected. Dances are not “fad” dances they last the test of time. The dances include the:


  • War Dance
  • Grass Dance  
  • Men’s Northern Dance
  • Men’s Southern Dance
  • Women’s Northern Dance
  • Women’s Southern Dance
  • Jingle Dress Dance
  • Fancy Shawl Dance
  • Hoop Dance
  • Eagle Dance



Each of these dances is very distinctive with special music, vocal chants, and movement. These are dramatic and beautiful with the accompaniment of special clothes adorned with feathers, headdresses, bells, shells, ribbons, various colorful fabrics and animal skins.  The dance movement along with the sound of drum beats and chants encourages even non-Native Americans sway and move to the drum beats. Non-Native American want to participate in Native American dances. So, there are some dances such as the ‘Round Dance’ that everyone can participate.


So, let us dance…


Article by CherokeeCloud

Written September 13, 2006

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