Blood Memory…It’s In The Blood


What does it mean to have your family’s genes? It means that you carry within your body the genes of relatives that lived generations before you.

Your body carries the same physical materials that made up the cells, blood, bone, hair, organs, and skin of your relatives that lived hundreds – thousands of years before you.  

With this in mind, there is a belief that your body contains what is called “blood memory”. It is the memory of people, activities, situations that occurred hundreds –thousands of years ago. This memory is not a psychological phenomenon. It is a physical phenomenon or a memory of your body not your mind.  

So, do yes, you carry the blood memory of your Native Indian ancestors and your African ancestors in your body. This memory can make you yearn for knowledge of your roots.

Article by CherokeeCloud

Reposted: May 6, 2007

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