Dont Just Sit There –Dance


I remember my first Pow-Wow and how the music of the drums seemed to keep beat with my heart and soul. At first I felt embarrassed and was unsure whether I could perform the Native dances or would look foolish. It is certainly normal to not be confident, but it is not until you join the circle of dance that your best comes out.

pow wow danceA conversation with someone that had been in the circle dancing resulted in an invitation to join the circle with the more experienced person taking me a round the circle instructing me how to step, when to stop, when to lower or raise my head or hand. It became natural very quickly.

As I processed around the circle, tears began to stream from my eyes. I had now made contact with my present, my past and my future. My Native American roots were confirmed within my soul.

Written: July 23, 2007
Contributor: CherokeeCloud

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