The Story of Mary and Eleanor: Rivers to Cross


The book, “The Story of Mary and Eleanor: Rivers to Cross”, focuses on the life, accomplishments, friendship and relationship of the great historic, African American Educator and Women’s Right’s Advocate, Mary McLeod Bethune and the Human and Women’s Rights Advocate, First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

These two very different women nurtured a relationship built upon their interdependency. Each needed to help the other for each of their missions in life to be realized. It was through Mary’s relationship with Eleanor that both saw their differences but also embraced their similarities. Their relationship promoted racial equality, human rights, and women’s rights.

As Eleanor Roosevelt traveled the nation as the 32nd First Lady she became aware of the role of education in building a person’s self-esteem and leadership qualities. It was this awareness that connected Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune in a symbiotic relationship. Both women were determined to insure the Negro had educational opportunities. Both knew that this was in the best interest of the country. Lastly, both knew that working together they could make a difference in the present that would have great and lasting effects in the future.

Each of these women, Mary McLeod Bethune and Eleanor Roosevelt, were special women and each had “Rivers to Cross” in their lives to bring them to the point of prominence, importance to all women, and making pivotal changes to the country that they loved and also sought its best for all its people. Each woman had a story to tell, a journey to travel, and a river to cross.


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BOOK: “The Story of Mary and Eleanor: Rivers to Cross”

AUTHOR: Dr. Esther M. Pearson

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