Telling Our Stories


The Journey Begins with the First Step… 

I started my journey to discover my Native American heritage and history many years ago. The history that I had not known began to intrigue me. It was the ancestry of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. We were Cherokee from Alabama. Cherokee from Alabama was my ancestry.

Many questions about how the “Trail of Tears” was avoided. How our ancestry was kept secret since the 1870’s for fear of repercussions? Why, now was it important to discover my identity? These were all questions that could be answered and were as I embarked on my journey to discover my family tree.

The journey led me to the National Archives, census forms, family Bibles, family elders and to a Cherokee Elder of the Kituwah (Cherokee people). My rich Native American history, and ancestry is now complete and will be shared going forward to all generations. No more fear to be a Native American!

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