Native American Tribes

Native American Tribes

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American Indian and Alaska Native Population

What are the most populous American indian and Alaskan native tribes?

Crow 13,394
Delaware 16,341
Houma 8,713
Iroquois 80,822
Kiowa 12,242
Latin American Indian 180,940
Lumbee 57,868
Menominee 9,840
Navajo 298,197
Osage 15,897
Ottawa 10,677
Paiute 13,532
Pima 11,493
Potawatomi 25,595
Pueblo 74,085
Puget Sound Salish 14,631
Seminole 27,431
Shoshone 12,026
Sioux 153,360
Tohono O’odham 20,087
Ute 10,385
Yakama 10,851
Yaqui 22,412
Yuman 8,976
Other specified American
Indian tribes
American Indian tribe, not specified 195,902
Alaska Athabascan 18,838
Aleut 16,978
Eskimo 54,761
Tlingit-Haida 22,365
Other specified Alaska Native tribes 3,973
Alaska Native tribe, not specified 8,702
American Indian or Alaska Native
tribe, not specified

1. The numbers by American Indian and Alaska Native tribe do not add up to the total population figure because respondents may have put down more than one tribe. Respondents reporting several tribes are counted several times.

2. Total includes American Indian and Alaska Natives alone or in combination with other tribal groups or races. Indian and Alaskan Native population alone in 2000 was 2,475,956.Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000.

Nation, Tribe, and Band

A Native American Elder, “Standing Bear”, makes these comments about Native American Nations and Tribes, “Many people are often confused by the two terms, Nation and Tribe.  Even tribal officials often use them interchangeably.  However, there is a difference. Our definition says a “nation” is a composite of two or more tribes.