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Native Poetry

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An Angry Black Woman
An Angry Black Woman

By: Jewel E. Cash

Some say that the worst person you can come across is an angry black man
But all I can say is today I’m speaking as an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN

As I sit here in front of this TV
my heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones
I send prayers up to the Lord.
And my soul grieves along with yours,
But my soul grieves for a different reason.
A reason that only MY brothers and sisters can comprehend
A reason that you don’t learn about in college
A reason we don’t talk about in politics,
A reason the headlines never get right,
But a reason my blood shot eyes can only explain,
A reason whose story is only held by me
and my community’s sea of salt water tears
A reason that this one “isolated incident” will never allow you to know
A reason that makes me the angry black woman I am
An angry black woman because it’s my black boys are dying
An angry black woman because
it’s my people that the government is denying
An angry black woman because it’s our future that’s being led astray, instead down a path where they will silently lay
 Unable to play, never to see another day, a piece of story clay, now hardened though it should have been molded a different way
Yes I am an Angry black woman today

Because today as all the attention is rightfully on the Tech
My community today, just like yesterday, and how we will be tomorrow
Is planning the funeral of our future
But see, as I grew up, I was taught that the future is
something that has yet to come
Something unknown, something only time will tell
But today I wonder if that’s really true
Because I don’t know about you,
but my skies are no longer blue
No longer blue, because clouds of death linger above as we bury our future and write the eulogies of the people we all once loved

The eulogy of our future yes that’s what we are writing
A eulogy that will soon become our history books if we don’t bury the old and birth the new
Bury our old way of thinking and stress
And birth a new society where we are able to confess…
Confess our lack of leadership
Confess our lack of pride
Confess all of systemic and political homicide
Because if we don’t, we will only continue the first draft
of our future’s eulogy

But you see I’m not sad, though there are tears streaming down my face
Because, as an angry black woman there’s no time
to cover my face
in black lace
No, there is no time so grave or mourn my brothers’ continuous death
Because as a young Black woman in America,
events like these are a continual stress
A stress that many don’t understand why it doesn’t break us down
Not knowing or realizing that if tears were shed for every life taken down
 a flooded earth is all that would be left to be found

Because as the President finds time to go to this wonderful VT memorial,
He doesn’t know or realize how many memorials he flew over to get there
Memorials in the name of people who look just like me
Memorials of people whose spirits are now free
Free from being rained on by bullet or statistics that have yet to capture me
As the President kills our future in a needless war
it takes one person to kill many for him to acknowledge we need more
What he doesn’t realize is that
if he visited all the memorials that go up and down in our community
he would have no time to do anything else in his presidential seat
So yes I can say it — I am black and I’m proud
But most importantly today I’m an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN who is speaking out loud
Out loud for all those voices that who have been silenced by bullets
Out loud for all the mothers with no more voices
Out loud for all the people who feel they have no choices
Out loud for those intelligent youth who will never be able to enroll in any college courses
Out loud because being an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN doesn’t mean that I’m gonna physically fight
But fight with my brain and spirit until someone sees the light
The light that will bring all this madness to an end
The light that will make you realize that your grieving may end
but the light that will show that when yours ends,
a new chapter in my book of struggles and pain is ready to begin.


Black Indian

BLACK INDIAN by Lone Wolf(Ray Brooks)

Black Indian, You have a special and unique history.
You were born of the black and the red.
Both of your ancestors suffered the same atrocities and bloodshed.

Black Indian, Both of your peoples spirit
live in the heart of the drum.
They know that the earth,animals and they themselves,are not
separate,but one.

Black Indian, When I see you
my spirits are lifted high.
I know you come from Warriors
from the Great Spirit in the sky.

Black Indian, When I look at you
It's my ancestors that I see
It's like looking in the mirrow
For the Black Indian I see is me.

CopyRight-1998-Lone Wolf-All Rights Reserved

Black Indian, White Indian


Black Indian, White Indian
Sharing a common bond
Sharing an ancestry to which
They both belong

Once separated by skin color
Now one family
Brought together by the red man
to live in harmony

Black Indian,White Indian
Your foreign forefathers
did once collide
Now you both find yourselves
on the same side

Has your hatred disappeared?
Or are you just wearing a shell?
Are you really Indian?
Only time will tell

Will this brotherhoodlast?
Or will it again erode?
Will you walk a crooked path?
Or will you stay on the red road?

CopyRight-1998-lone Wolf-All Rights Reserved

Black Red Strength
Earthtone Colors
Tribute To Our Ancestors